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Deck Builders

Our Services include:

wood decks Fresno ca

Deck & Porch Builders Fresno is proud to serve the community and to help homeowners create a home they love. Enjoy your outdoor space more than ever before with the new addition of a deck, porch, or patio. Our expert contractors will work with you to ensure that all the materials and designs fit various needs. Not to mention, we help you understanding zoning, placement, and the possibility of covering your patio or deck as well.  Our goal is to see you happy and spending more time outside with an expanded living area in your yard. ​

Expert Deck Contractors

composite deck installation fresno ca

As deck builders, we take care of everything from design to replacement. It’s possible that you are a long-time homeowner and saw your beautiful wood deck deteriorate after many rainy seasons and simply want to renovate the deck. Replacement is entirely possible. Deck & Porch Builders Fresno will work with you to decide if you’re sticking with the original design and materials or not.

Deck & Porch Builders helps homeowners with any part of the process, and we start by giving a fully-detailed overview of what to expect. We value integrity and transparency, so we always do our best to communicate openly with the homeowner. Our contractors will provide you with a full consultation where you can review different material options and then decide which is right for you.

When it comes to deck building, we also offer repair services. There is no need to replace an entire deck because of a rather small issue. Our contractors will look at the extent of the damage and provide a quote for repairs and discuss your replacement options.

Finally, we provide full installation services. If you’re looking to put in a new deck, then Deck & Porch Builders Fresno is your best bet in town. Catering to Fresno homeowners, we help explain the many different deck types and the visual appeal of each one. ​

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Porch Builder

Deck & Porch Builders Fresno proudly build porches for homes that either need a new porch or were built without a porch at all. We know that porches can play a vital role in entertaining guests outdoors to giving kids a place to hang out and play outside safely.

As the top porch builders in Fresno, we work side-by-side during the design phase of the building process to ensure that we meet all of your expectations. Then we will schedule a time that is convenient for you and your family for our team to start working. Finally, you will have a beautiful and sturdy porch that you can spend hours on. ​

From covered porches to wraparound farmers porches, having a beautiful porch can not only add great curb appeal to any home, but acts as a great indoor/outdoor living space for family to enjoy. Get a free quote today if you are looking to add a porch to your home. Additionally, we provide porch repair and upgrades if you are in need of these services. If your porch is in disrepair or needs a facelift, give us a call.

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covered porch with composite material black trim

Your Local Deck and Porch Builders

Our services include a wide range of projects that most homeowners believe are simple weekend DIY projects. That’s not the case. Deck & Porch Builders Fresno has seen many projects gone awry. If you have already started the project, then we are happy to jump in and see it through to completion. However, if you’re just fleshing out the plans, we can bring your plans to life.

We provide the various services that you need. Not to mention that we can construct a porch or deck out of the material that you need, including wood, composite, and any other decking material.

The contractors at Deck & Porch Builders Fresno make it a point to complete each job with thorough attention to detail. We also carefully inspect every step of the job to ensure a long life for your new deck and porch. Our goal is to build the deck or porch that you’ve always envisioned as part of your home. As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in helping the homeowners of Fresno, CA.

Contact Deck & Porch Builders Fresno when you’re ready to create more living space in your outdoor areas. ​

Why Choose Us

Deck & Porch Builders is locally owned, we operate with the highest level of integrity and only use the top materials. All of our contractors are experts in the craft and have years of experience working with homeowners and decking materials. There is no job too great, or too small, for us to handle with confidence.

Please complete the form above for a free quote. You can also give our offices a call for a complete estimate on your deck or porch project. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Types of Decks and Porches We Build:

Your home can greatly benefit from a new deck or porch. Deck & Porch Builders Fresno helps homeowners understand what each type has to offer, and which one fits your needs and lifestyle.


For many homebuyers, a porch is a must-have. Unfortunately, many homes are built without a porch. Add on:

  • Back porch
  • Back patio
  • Front porch
  • Floating porch
  • Rain porch
  • Screened porch
  • Covered porch

As you can see, each provides some resistance to different types of weather or at least will get your feet off the lawn. The rain porch is very popular in Fresno given the high volume of rain the area sees every year.

Attached Decks

Similar to your traditional back porch but raised slightly and made of wood, this deck type is best for houses built with a crawlspace.

Wraparound Decks

A classic choice for many homes these wraparound decks give you a ton more living space, and it’s right outside your home. It is fairly easy to cover part or all of the deck to recreate the feeling of a farmer’s patio. It’s also possible to screen these for pest control.

Multi-Level Decks

Is your property at inconsistent levels? Perhaps you love the many hills and slopes but also want to make it easier to climb down the land. A multi-level deck will connect various small decks with steps or paths that make it easy to climb up steep slopes.

Composite Decks

Composite materials are changing the way that deck builders create and design decks. With nothing more than eco-friendly and recycled materials, you can have a beautiful deck that looks just like real wood. However, there’s very little and sometimes even low maintenance to keep up the deck other than the standard tidying up. Not to mention that composite decks often last much longer than traditional decks, are often weather-resistant, and are much more durable than wood materials.

Unlike years ago, when composite materials meant a plastic-looking flooring, now it means a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing deck. Deck & Porch Builders Fresno will often recommend composite materials for new and replacement decks. Explore your options by speaking with one of our contractors and see what benefits you could get from composite decking materials.

Floating Decks

Floating decks, also known as platform decks, are away from the bulk of your home, but give you a space in your yard to rest and relax off of the grass. Small or large Deck & Porch Builders will do everything possible to build the floating deck of your dreams. We use only the best materials to ensure that our decks will surpass the lasting time of our competitors. Deck & Porch Builders design decks to last for years as well as being safe and always to city and county regulations.

Choose Deck & Porch Builders Fresno for your floating deck design. They create a special appeal. It gives a rustic and homey quality to any yard, and you can host fun events while giving the adults somewhere to sit while they watch the kid’s play in a nearby garden or yard. ​

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Areas We Service

Our deck and porch services are available to all residents and business owners across Fresno and surrounding cities and towns. Including:

Calwa, Malaga, Goldleaf, Lone Star, Wolf, Ivesta, Las Palmas, Burness, Tarbey, Clovis, Muscatel, Pratton, West Park, Rolinda, Highway City, Herndon, Barstow, Roca, Sierra Sky Park, Easton, and more. 

Please call us today if you are interested in getting a quote for your new or replacement deck, porch or patio. We look forward to hearing from you! 



Thanks for building us a beautiful pool deck, we are very happy with how it came out. The composite material is so low maintenance and compliments our home just right. Great job!

​~ Karen S. Fresno

We shopped around and got multiple quotes for adding a deck off the back of our home. The experience from start to finish with Deck Builders Fresno was great. We got exactly what we wanted and at a very reasonable price. Took time but was worth it!

​~ Jason R. Burness

These guys installed a front porch with nice steps and railings, made our house look so much better! Nice installation, and clean work. Would recommend them to anyone. Had a good experience overall.

​~ Ulrich K. West Park