Deck Repair

It happens every so often that a deck needs replacement or repair. Unfortunately, there are no “no-maintenance” patios or decks. As part of our services Deck & Porch Builders, Fresno offers replacement, installation, and repair. Our contractors guide homeowners through the entire process from design to clean up. ​

installation and repair grey composite decking

Our Deck Services:

New Deck Installation Services

Putting in a new deck might seem easy and generally non-invasive. Compared to a kitchen remodel, it is. However, a new deck, depending on the size and materials, can take days to put up with a full crew working in your yard. It will often require digging or disrupting of your land as well. During the design process, our contractors will explain what areas of your yard are available (given zoning restrictions) and best suited (considering levelness and greenery) for a new deck. Of course, we will always put our top considerations on safety and the goal of your design.

Deck Replacement Services

Often people purchase a home and pay a bit extra because it has a deck. Only to find out that their deck is overrun with pests, rotting, or generally doesn’t look that good. Most homeowners replace decks because they have lost their visual appeal or because they pose a safety risk. These are valid reasons for replacement.

Deck Repair Services

Maintenance and repair are two things that many people don’t consider when they put in a deck. However, just like your home or car, this investment requires regular upkeep. If you have wood materials, then you’ll need annual sanding and sealing. With composite materials, you may need to schedule deep-cleaning sessions to keep out pests. Then you have repairs. There’s no need to replace an entire deck if there are only one or two joists that need repair. Before scheduling a complete replacement, ask a contractor to give a quote on repair services.

We can’t wait to hear about your porch and deck ideas! Complete this form for a free quote or call our offices to speak with someone directly. Deck & Porch Builders Fresno will always offer free quotes and can provide consultations as well. ​