Patio Contractor

Any patio contractor in Fresno will tell you about how a patio can complete your home and give it a polished finish. That’s true. A patio, in general, improves curb appeal and is one of the most impactful ways to boost your home’s value. It is also a minor investment when compared to remodeling any interior part of your home. Patios can act as great indoor/outdoor living spaces, can be furnished with patio furniture, is a great space for entertaining and enjoying time with family. From wood patios, to concrete and masonry, we install top-notch patios for Fresno CA. 

wood patio backyard no railing

You need the best local patio contractor to help you design and build the patio that fits your home. From covered patios to simple front patios we do it all. We even help you understand the different materials available. Choose from stone, wood, concrete, and composite materials. Each one provides a different range of benefits, and not every design allows for any material type. Putting together or matching designs and materials is one reason why you need to bring in the professionals for your project. ​

Local Patio Installation Services

Deck & Porch Builders builds covered patios so you can enjoy time outside while still escaping the sun. We also design concrete patios in Fresno that sit flush with your home for an easy to care for the area just outside your door. Stone patios in Fresno are gaining quite a bit of popularity as they give a throw-back feeling to any home. Make your adorable house feel like a hidden-away cottage with a stone patio.

Always give careful consideration to how you play to use the space as well. For example, if you’re entertaining, you may need open patio areas to move around patio furniture.

Then for those who have pools, we also build pool decks. Part deck and part patio Deck & Porch Builders Fresno knows that around pools you want something that looks good, but that is also safe. As a pool deck builder in Fresno, we look at the full scope of needs.

Deck & Porch Builders Fresno has worked with various patio setups and plans for years. Come to us with your plans, and we will quickly provide a free quote. You can get your free quote by completing the form below or by calling our office directly. ​