Wood Deck Builder

Wood materials are classic choices for decking and porches. Wood decks not only help an older home feel complete, but it can add a substantial amount of living space to the exterior of your home. Wood decks rely on a combination of design and high-quality materials. Do keep in mind that there is no “maintenance-free” option when it comes to wood decking. Many people become frustrated when their deck loses its luster after a few years. Not to worry, many deck types and wood options available make it easy to find a choice that is right for your maintenance level and design needs. ​

brazilian hardwood decking

Types and Benefits of Wood Decks

The many types of wood decking can include:

  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Cypress
  • Pressure-treated wood

A wood deck comes with many benefits depending on the type of wood that you choose to use. Our contractors can help you understand the benefits of different wood types and decide which fits your needs. For example, cypress, cedar, and redwood will all naturally fend off fungi, and insects. Fresno is no stranger to humidity or lively insect populations. A deck around your home may make it more difficult for insects to sustain life near or around your home. However, of the above-mentioned wood options, only redwood can withstand warping and harsh weather. It also retains its finish for many years, making it looks nicer for longer. ​

Best Deck Contractors for Wood Decks

A wood deck builder in Fresno CA may be able to entice you with grand visions of sprawling decks. However, Deck & Porch Builders Fresno will give you a realistic image. We always stick by our information given during a consultation and provide clear and accurate information on what to expect for your deck’s lifespan. With Deck & Porch Builders Fresno there are no surprises. We can even help you schedule your deck maintenance services to prolong the life of your new wood deck. Contact the best wood deck contractor in Fresno, call Deck & Porch Builders Fresno now.

At Deck & Porch Builders Fresno we know that it’s hard to start a project without knowing the price and time frames first. We’ve made it easy to get a free quote, just complete the form below or call our offices. ​